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Packing On Your Own

Some customers choose to, and are welcome to pack their own items. Even if you choose to pack on your own, our experts will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have. Feel free to call us with your questions should you decide to pack your own items. If you require packing supplies, All American Trooper Van Lines can provide you with quality materials at a reasonable price.

Our Packing Service

Should you choose to use All American Trooper Van Lines professional packing services, our well-trained and experienced movers will arrive with a complete variety of packing supplies and will be ready to pack your belongings quickly and carefully, keeping safety in mind. On the day of your pick up, our crew wraps and crates the items to be shipped, provides disassembly as needed for large furnishings, and carefully transports your items into the moving truck.

Package Identification and Safety

Whether utilizing All American Trooper Van Lines packing services or packing on your own, this is helpful information regarding labeling and package safety.

It is important that each box is labeled to indicate which room it will go to upon delivery.
Fragile items should be packed carefully in separate boxes, and those boxes should be labeled as “FRAGILE”.
Each box should be closed and securely taped.